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Living & doing business abroad requires knowledge about taxation and laws in different countries.

Need tax advice about the Dutch tax system? This is one of our core areas. We help you turn complexity to compliance.

Choose the rate you are interested in:

KOR package


If your turnover is less than €20.000 per year, you are eligible to apply for KOR (Kleine Ondernemer Regeling), a small business scheme.

With KOR you don’t have to file quarterly VAT returns (no VAT returns at all!). This means that you do not charge VAT to your customers on invoices, and you also do not refund the VAT spent.

That’s why we have a special package for this type of entrepreneur. We control that you do not exceed €20.000. And if you do exceed, then we apply for returning to VAT scheme.

The contract term is for a minimum of six months without the possibility of termination, but with the possibility of switching to another package (after six months).
all prices are excl. VAT
€90 per month

Package for ZZP’ers on KOR

  • Full online accounting
  • Accounting advice
  • Discount on annual tax reporting (IB)
€90 excl VAT, monthly

SILVER package for ZZP

  • Full online accounting
  • Accounting advice
  • Sales tax (VAT)
  • Discount on annual tax reporting (IB)
€120 excl VAT, monthly

GOLD package for ZZP

  • Full online accounting
  • Accounting advice
  • Sales tax (VAT)
  • Discount on annual tax reporting (IB)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Tax advice (tax forecast, tax consulting)
€180 excl VAT, monthly
The contract term is for a minimum of six months without the possibility of termination, but with the possibility of switching to another package (after six months).
all prices are excl. VAT
€90/120/180 per month

VAT / ICP reports

Price €180 per quarter (including both VAT and ICP reports)


If you pay for four quarterly reports in advance, the price is €400 (saving you €80 for the year)

For €0 VAT reports, the price is €80.
€0 euro VAT reports are filed when your business didn’t have any income or expenses, but you are still legally required to file the VAT/ICP reports with the tax authorities.
all prices are excl. VAT
To understand what type of consultation you need

Additional services
For Entrepreneurs

(all prices are excl. VAT)
Tax forecasts

Calculating the potential annual income tax burden can be frustrating for many entrepreneurs.

The annual tax payment amount can be significant. If you don’t have a plan in place you might face negative consequences such as dealing with stress, taking out loans, or even having to close the business.

To prevent this, we offer a Tax Forecast service. We provide you with a preliminary calculation of payable taxes, based on your actual data for the first half of the year and forecasted ones for the second half of the year.

This service is ideal for existing entrepreneurs in The Netherlands seeking to understand and prepare for their upcoming tax payment obligations.

Understanding your potential tax obligations far in advance of the payment due date allows you to distribute the burden equally over 12 months without financial damage.

€150 for 1 Tax Forecast
Annual tax filing (W form)

The annual declaration is a big document, which consists of 2 parts:

1) personal part – this includes a partner (if he/she is on a salary or does not work), children, mortgages, loans, salaries, other income, and so on.
2) business part – your business balance sheet. The business part includes checking the administration for the whole year, checking submitted reports, communicating on the topic of business expenses (we will tell you what else can be taken into business expenses), as well as submitting a VAT correction form (if needed).

The price of filing a declaration (W-form) for entrepreneurs depends on the number of documents (sales invoices and costs receipts). If you have up to 50 documents per year, then the price is €450 (excl VAT). If you have more than 50 documents – then the price is €600 (excl VAT).

The procedure is:

  1. You send us your details (name, surname and address) for proposal fee.
  2. We send a proposal fee to you for signing
  3. After we send you an email with instructions and questionnaires
  4. We prepare a draft of tax declaration
  5. After your approval, we will send tax declaration to tax authorities (via accounting software)

Are you wondering at what point you should convert your sole proprietorship into a BV? Financial experts do not always agree on this point, but in general, the tipping point is a profit of around €100,000. For companies that achieve a lower profit, the sole proprietorship is more tax-efficient. Those who achieve higher profits are usually a lot better off with a BV.

ONA exemption

If you are self-employed and applying for Dutch citizenship, you may be eligible for an exemption from the ‘Orientation on the Dutch labor market’ (ONA) component of the civic integration exam. We will discuss your eligibility for this exemption, and if you qualify, prepare and submit the documentation.

€150 (excl VAT)
Legal consultation

We partner with experienced business lawyers on commercial contracting and business law questions. They have experience supporting international companies, SMEs and startups and can provide advice on a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Applying for the 30% ruling
  • Applying for EU Blue Card
  • Applying for the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa
  • Employment Conflicts
  • Registering a Company in the Netherlands
  • Transferring Eenmanszaak (ZZP) to BV
  • Registering a Trademark
  • Transferring shares in a Dutch BV
  • Terminating a BV in the Netherlands

Our lawyers provide services in English, Dutch and Russian.

€150 (excl VAT)
Tax consultation
Many things in life have an impact on tax. The sooner you identify them, the easier it is to include them in your decisions. We’ll show you tax consequences of your ideas, ways to optimize a tax bill and explain in simple words tax legislation and requirements.

The right tax partner will thoughtfully weigh risks and benefits for the short- and long-term, not just in the present moment, and offer transparent and pragmatic advisory aligned with your needs no matter how those needs might evolve over time. And we are willing to become one for you.

During last 5 years we’ve provided more than 300 tax consultations to individuals, private entrepreneurs, and businesses and helped to find answers in the following areas.

  • Assets and savings
  • Cryptocurrencies and bitcoins
  • Employee Stock Options
  • Property deals
  • Relocation
  • Estate options
  • Private entrepreneurship
  • Corporate structuring and associated taxes
  • Cross-border taxation
  • Etc

Duration: 1 hour*
*We ask to provide questions in advance to make our communication more efficient.
After consultation you have the right to ask 3 questions by mail.
Format: online or offline whatever works better for you

€250 (excl VAT)

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