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Our services are designed to optimize your local and international business needs


Back in 2017, Azarova Consulting was a one-person company providing accounting and tax advice, business accounting support, submission of tax returns and optimization of the tax burden for entrepreneurs and individuals.

Today we have 10+ employees, a network of local and international tax advisors and use state-of-the-art accounting software systems. In 2022 the Arazova Consulting rebranded to Azarova & Partners.

Our core values underpin how we work with our clients, our team and our partners

Work smarter, not harder

We help you to find the best solution to any accounting problem and answer tricky tax questions.

Family Value
(No. 01)

Build trust

We provide expert advice that you can count on.

Family Value
(No. 02)

We value people more than we value technology

Our clients are our number one asset.

Family Value
(No. 03)

We make complex issues seem easy

You just sit back and we’ll handle everything!

Family Value
(No. 04)

Love what we do

Reports, debit and credit, accounting, and administration. We really like it all.

Family Value
(No. 05)

Save money with a mindful approach to tax and finance


We help entrepreneurs and expats manage their Dutch and European tax matters, always stay tax compliant and get the most out of living, working and doing business internationally.


We believe that the world is changing and becoming more open, and the tax world is changing as well. By keeping up-to-date on tax and accounting laws, we are able to offer optimized solutions to our clients.
We help entrepreneurs and individuals who are moving abroad so that moving from country to country does not lead to tax problems, but proceeds as smoothly, comfortably and profitably as possible from a financial point of view.

We aspire to become the number one English-speaking tax consulting agency in The Netherlands.


Our team has a combined 48 years of hands-on experience in accounting

In 2017 Azarova Consulting was a one-person company. And now it has grown into 10+ employees’ agency which provides accounting and tax advise, business accounting support, submission of tax returns and optimization of the tax burden for entrepreneurs and individuals.

Natalia Malikova

Administrative Assistant | Individual Tax Consultant

Elena Ratnikova

Social Media Manager

Nina Titenko


Anastasia Ivanovskaya

Bookkeeper, Financial Planner

Katerina Azarova

CEO, Founder, Tax Consultant

Marina Zozulya


Elena Chisnenco


Daria Kolosok


Oxana Kuznetsova


Julia Goryun

Bookkeeper, Qualified Controller

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