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Despite the Dutch Tax Authorities’ slogan “We cannot make it nicer, but we can make it easier”, even Dutch people often struggle with their tax filing.

We provide the best approach to do Dutch tax filings in the Netherlands.

Choose the rate you are interested in:

Tax declarations

We prepare all types of tax declarations (C-form, M-form, P-form, etc.),
And we always give an explanation for each declaration.


The tax declaration can be filed from March 1 until April 30.


The price of an individual tax declaration is €180 (excl VAT), and tax declaration for partners – €220 (excl VAT), M form €300 (excl VAT)

What is the fiscal (tax) partnership?

You are fiscal partners if you and your partner are married, or you and your partner have a registered partnership in gemeente (samenwoning contract).

If you are registered at the same address and there is one of the following conditions:
1) an agreement on cohabitation has been signed,
2) you have a child together or one of you recognized the child of the other,
3) you are included in your partner’s pension contract,
4) you are both the owners of the property in which you are registered,
5) you live with a child from a former marriage of one of you.

The contract term is for a minimum of six months without the possibility of termination, but with the possibility of switching to another package (after six months).
all prices are excl. VAT
To understand what type of consultation you need

Tax consultations

We provide tax consultations on the following matters: questions related to the Dutch tax system (including Box 1, Box 2, and Box 3), employment, individual tax filing and property tax treatment, tax consequences of changing/losing/finding a job, cryptocurrency, options, bitcoins. Cross-border situations – business property ownership in other countries.
Tax consultations can be done online or in our office in The Hague. Usually, one hour is enough to cover the topic. Before the consultation, we will ask you to send a list of questions so that our meeting is as efficient as possible.
€250 per hour*

Tax map

Let’s find a way for you to reach your goals using an optimized tax solution.

The Tax Map service provides specific advice on how to get from point A to point B with your financial goals. For example, if you have questions on the pros and cons between working as an employee, becoming a ZZP’er (or do both), we can help you to understand the differences so you can choose the best solution for you.
From the general tax choices for you, we make a conclusion about the best route.
€500 for 1 items

Additional services

(all prices are excl. VAT)
Allowances (Toeslagen)

We can help you apply for different types of allowances and subsidies

  • Childcare allowance (Kinderopvangtoeslag) is a contribution for parents towards the costs of childcare.
  • Health care allowance (Zorgtoeslag) is a contribution towards the cost of the monthly premium payment for Dutch health insurance.
  • Rent Allowance (Huurtoeslag) is a government contribution towards the cost of your monthly rent.
Child benefits (Kinderbijslag)

You can receive a contribution for the costs of raising your child(ren) up to the age of 18. The amount of this amount depends on the age of your child and where your child lives.

We provide online consultations on the topic. Our specialists can help you to submit the form for Kinderbijslag.

€150 for 1 report, excl VAT
World income declarations (Wereldinkomen)

Your worldwide income is your total Dutch and non-Dutch income together. This is the income you have in or from the Netherlands, plus your non-Dutch income (for example, your income from work or assets in a country other than the Netherlands).

Comparative tax declarations analysis

We provide a report that will help you to track how your income has changed over the last 3 years

Provisional Assessments (voorlopige aanslag)
The Voorlopige aanslag is a preliminary assessment of your anticipated tax burden. It enables you to distribute your payment amount into monthly payments. There are two different types of Provisional Assessments (Voorlopige aanslag):
  1. Voorlopige aanslag – preliminary calculations for the coming year.
  2. Voorlopige aanslag – which you will receive after filing your annual tax declaration.
We can help you to calculate and request the Provisional Assessments (Voorlopige aanslag).
€150 for 1 report, excl VAT
Tax reports reduction claim averaging for 3 years (Middeling)

If you meet the conditions, you can request the tax reports reduction claim averaging for 3 years (Middeling).

In the form you indicate which 3 consecutive calendar years you want to average. We can help you to make a calculation of the tax refund to see whether you meet the conditions and then submit this form to your tax office.

After you have submitted your request, you will receive a decision from the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst) within 8 weeks.

€350 for 1 report, excl VAT

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